My name is Amir Erez, I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Princeton University, interested in biophysics and bioinformatics.

My background and training are in theoretical physics, wet-lab immunology and computer science. I borrow techniques from the physics of complex systems, combined with numerical simulations, big data analysis and a background in wet-lab experimental immunology. Currently focused on biophysics and bioinformatics of microbiome, including bacterial interactions with other bacteria and with their host. This involves analyzing sequencing big data together with mathematical modeling and machine learning. Also interested in nonlinear stochastic dynamics, statistical physics of complex systems and bioinformatics of microbiome, meta-genome and transcriptome.

Strong (20+ years) track record in high-performance scientific computing, combined with over 10 years of active research in complex systems and big data analysis. Won numerous awards and fellowships throughout my career.

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